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Unforgettable Family RV Road Trip Through Northern California

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

I have been talking a lot lately about RVs, especially since I booked a beauty CanaDreams RV for an adventure on Vancouver Island in September 2021! YAY me!

Guys, if you haven’t been on an RV vacation before you NEED to try it and I’ll tell you why!

  1. It is a pandemic-friendly way to satisfy your travel bug! In case you didn’t notice Canada is HUGE and really really cool! And although it may not be ideal to travel by RV in the winter (it is possible though) the spring, summer and fall are all perfect for an RV road trip. G’oh Canada!

  2. It is so convenient for everyone! RV’s bring all the amenities of your home with you! Stock up with everything you need and off you go with your new-found freedom to explore! They are really FUN! Enough said.

So I’m talking the talk, but have I walked the walk!? YES! In September 2016 I rented an RV in Northern California for 10 days and it was spectacular! Now, the RV that we rented was through an RV share website, so essentially an Airbnb for RV's. The experience was mostly good with the exception of one near-death experience! Ahhh! But, I am going to make you wait for the details on that one. The important takeaway from that teaser is I would recommend always renting from a reputable company!

Photo: The RV we rented through a private host

Our route:

  • San Francisco

  • Yosemite National Park

  • Giant Sequoia National Park

  • Pinnacles National Park

  • Pheffier Big Sur National Park

  • San Francisco

Image: RV route taken during our 2016 California road trip


Yes, I yelled that on purpose! The feeling of awe that you get while standing in Yosemite Valley is like no other and is the reason why it is sooooo popular. We booked months in advance and were only able to book one night right in the valley in the Upper Pines Campground. So if you want to stay in Yosemite Valley, plan ahead. When there we hiked the Mist Trail to Vernal Falls! Ahhhhh! So great and a perfect hike with a little one in tow!

Image: Enjoying our time in spectacular Yosemite

Giant Sequoia National Park!

Do you like trees? I am in LOVE with trees and this place was my idea of heaven! If you know who Donald Trump is but have never heard of General Sherman, you need to get your priorities straight. No the General Sherman I am referring to is not another American with bad hair, “it” is the largest living single-stemmed tree in the world! A huge Giant Sequoia tree! We spent two days here but I could have walked among these giants forever!

Image: Hanging out with giants in Sequoia National Park

Pinnacles National Park.

This was a great stopover on our way to the coast. We hiked through a series of talus caves including Bear Gulch cave, home to a large colony of bats! Yay!

Image: California has so many diverse landscapes

Pheffier Big Sur National Park

The drive along Coastal Highway 1 is not to be missed and is a thrill to drive. We stopped at many beaches along the way and were entertained by the large groups of elephant seals that could be found on many of the beaches!

Image: Coastal Highway 1 and elephant seals

San Francisco

Trolly cars, Alcatraz, and Fisherman’s wharf - oh my! This is one city I am glad I didn’t pass on. I am not a city girl, but San Francisco worked for me. The trolly cars feel almost like a roller coaster and nothing can beat fresh seafood at the wharf!

Image: Trolly cars in San Francisco

For now, don’t let me be the only one having fun! Contact me if you would like to discuss an RV trip for yourself.

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