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Hoist the Sails! Star Clippers - Unique Sailing Adventures

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

The first thing you will notice with Star Clippers is the pure beauty of the ships! Honestly, it took my breath away. Just look.

The Royal Clipper. A true sailing vessel with 42 sails.
The Royal Clipper. A true sailing vessel with 42 sails.

Now imagine being on one of these ships in iconic destinations. Perhaps the Mediterranean, the Galapagos Islands or a trans-Atlantic crossing.

Video 1: An overview of a Star Clipper sailing experience.

Who are Star Clippers?

Star Clippers was born from the vision of Mikael Krafft who wanted to recreate the Golden Age of Sailing. He built three replica sailing vessels equipped with modern comforts. The BEST part. These small vessels can explore hidden harbours and secret coves large cruise ships are incapable of accessing.

If I have to pick one thing that I LOVE the most about this unique adventure it would be that the ships move under wind power 70-90% of the time. Not only is this an eco-friendly way to travel, but just imagine slicing silently through the water with over 40 white sails above you. It is just magical. When not under sail Star Clipper and Star Flyer use very pure, high-quality low sulphur gas oil for which the company was awarded the International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate. Star Flyer was the first ship in the world to receive this accolade.

Why should you choose an adventure with Star Clippers?

  • The most experiential vacation of a lifetime

  • True authentic sailing adventures

  • Itineraries are created by Wind Charts

  • Casual, relaxed onboard ambiance

  • Comfortable, cozy cabins and suites

  • Complimentary watersports

  • Outgoing, social guests and friendly crew

  • Discover breathtaking vistas and intimate ports that you’ve never seen before

  • Cultural immersion onboard and on land

The Fleet

Star Clipper and Star Flyer

The four decks on a Star Clipper sailing vessel.
The four decks on a Star Clipper sailing vessel.

These two beautiful sisterships were built for adventure-loving passengers seeking a unique adventure that you will not find on megaships. Adorned with polished brass, expansive teak decks and 16 sails the ships themselves are a work of art.

  • Built in 1991/1992

  • Length - 379 feet

  • 2,298 tons

  • 18.4 feet draft

  • 36,220 sq. ft. of sails

  • Main mast 206 feet high

  • Four mast, fully rigged

  • 16 Sails

  • 170 Passengers

  • 75 Crew

  • 85 Staterooms

  • 2 Swimming Pools

  • Tropical Bar & Piano Lounge

  • Open Seating Dining

  • Edwardian Library with fireplace

Image Gallery 1: A selection of images of the Star Clipper and Star Flyer

Royal Clipper

The Royal Clipper. This is the largest sailing vessel in the Star Clipper fleet.
The Royal Clipper. This is the largest sailing vessel in the Star Clipper fleet.

Inspired by the legendary tall ship Preussen there is no lack of charm on this impressing vessel. Want to be more impressed? Check out the one-of-a-kind Captain Nemo Lounge, a spa and health club with underwater glass portholes! Yay!

  • Built in 2000

  • Length - 439 feet

  • 4425 tons

  • Draft – 18.4 feet

  • 54,000 sq. ft. of sails

  • Five mast, fully rigged

  • 42 Sails

  • 227 Passengers

  • 106 Crew

  • 114 Staterooms including 14 private verandah suites

  • 86 Staterooms are similar size

  • 3 Swimming Pools

  • 3-story interior Atrium

  • Spa & Health Club

  • Observation Lounge & Library

Image Gallery 2: A selection of images of the Royal Clipper

What is it like onboard?

Amazing, spectacular, wonderful are a few adjectives you could use to describe the experience onboard a Star Clipper sailing. Perfect for those seeking a relaxing, luxury getaway with as much adventure as you would like, Star Clippers is perfect for couples, honeymooners, multi-generational family trips and solo travellers.

  • Small ship experience with only 170 - 227 pampered guests

  • 5-Star Service

  • 5-Star Experience

  • Open Bridge policy

  • Casual, relaxed ambience - no need to dress up

  • Local performers play regional music

  • Nightly piano and other music/entertainment

  • Captain’s & Cruise Director’s daily briefing on deck

  • International cuisine

  • Selection of fine wines (additional cost)

  • Michelin trained chefs

  • Open seating dining

  • Buffet breakfast & lunch

  • Dinner service with 4-5 courses

  • No formal-wear required

What is there to do?

  • Help Hoist the Sails

  • Mast Climbing to the Crow’s Nest

  • Enjoy nautical Knot classes

  • Take the Helm

  • Relax on the Bow Sprit

  • Snorkeling

  • Kayaking

  • Paddle-boarding

  • Waterskiing

  • Sailing

  • More

Where does Star Clippers sail?

  • Caribbean

  • Mediterranean

  • Panama Canal

  • Central America

  • Trans-Atlantic

Multigenerational Family Trips!

There is no better way to make long lasting memories with your family then through travel. Star Clippers small ship experiences will keep you and your family active and entertained all while building bonds and memories that will transcend time.

  • Kids under 18 sail free

  • Select Mediterranean, Indonesia, Caribbean dates

  • Unique activities for the entire family

  • Ability to sail, explore and learn together

Image 2: Families onboard a Star Clippers Sailing

Is the sea in your blood? Well, then I have a sailing for you!

Eastbound Atlantic Ocean Crossing - 28 Nights! YAY!

A map showing the Eastbound Atlantic Ocean Crossing itinerary - 28 Nights! YAY!
A map showing the Eastbound Atlantic Ocean Crossing itinerary - 28 Nights! YAY!
  • Depart from Bridgetown Barbados.

  • Sail for 10 nights reaching land again at Ponta Delgada, Azores

  • Sail for 4 more nights before reaching Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Continue on your journey visiting Spain, Morocco, Gibraltar, Spain, France and finally ending in Italy.

Do you have a group you would like to travel with? You can earn a free spot and more!

•Group discount (% or $)

•Bonus commission

•Cocktail party and open bar packages

•Onboard Credits


Perfect for families, interest groups (photography, wildlife, sail clubs) or even friend groups! Send me a message to start planning today!

Want to have a small ship expedition experience in Canada. Then look no further than Adventure Canada. Learn more about them here.

Are you interested in expedition and active travel, but don't know where to start? Well I have you covered. Learn more about this exciting way to travel here.

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