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Uncover All the Benefits of Avalon Waterways

Active & Discovery on the Lower Danube

You've always forged your own path... with your own distinct perspective of looking at the world. Avalon Waterways presents a river cruise experience with your unique style in mind - offering expansive views and wider perspectives. That's why we've designed a cruise experience that's just a bit different.

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Avalon has designed included activities with a choice of experiences. Select the tours, activities, and events that interest you most, so you can experience your cruise your way.

Below are 3 types of included shore excursions for you to experience.


Your local expert is ready to guide you through the history and heritage of local destinations. You’ll marvel at the legends, lore, and spectacular architecture of iconic and historic sites.


We’ve found inspiring and interactive activities to speak to your interests - from cooking classes, to painting workshops - to immerse yourself in each culture you explore.


Embark on energetic excursions to keep you in motion and on the go - from a guided jogging tour of Amsterdam, to biking, paddling, and hiking your way through scenic locales.

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