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About my fees:

My base consulting, planning & booking fees range from $199 to $349 + HST per trip based on 2 people or a single family. Everyone receives a complimentary initial consultation with me.  This is where we will determine if we are a good fit and would like to work together!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 

―  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, writer and pioneering aviator

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At Yaycations we don’t want you to just dream about travel and wish for the experiences you have worked so hard to earn, we want YOU to HAVE them! This is your time. This intensive travel planning service will take all the dreams, ideas, and hopes that you have and make them a reality. I will help you discover what makes you say YAY as you experience the world. 

Please refer to the table below for the fees:


Pre-packaged trips (all-inclusive, cruises)

Custom Trips and Itineraries


13 days or less

14 to 25 days

14 to 25 days

$199 + HST

$249 + HST

$299 + HST

$349 + HST

* Above fees are per trip for 2 people or a single-family in CDN$. Trip length includes days in transit.

* If combining two or more destinations, the planning fee will be the higher of the two.
* For trips of 25 days or longer, my fee may vary so please contact me for an exact quote.

*Travel consultation fee is non-refundable.  If the client decides not to proceed with the proposed itinerary, the fee will be forfeited.

What's included:

  • Intake questionnaire to discover your travel goals and expectations

  • 100% custom-tailored trip itinerary based on your interests and budget

  • Assistance with choosing a destination(s), lodging, transportation, and local activities – I will present you with several proposals to review with unlimited revisions on trip itineraries

  • Booking and reconfirmation of all travel components

  • Peace of mind before and while travelling knowing you have a contact to assist you (during regular business hours)

  • Post-trip follow-up


To become a client, I require the initial non-refundable travel consultation fee. Once the credit card authorization form is received and payment is taken for the fee, I will start planning and researching your trip based on the criteria(s) you have requested. YAY!

Why should I book through Yaycations?

There are so many reasons, but I will let you know about a few of the best!


  • You get to work with ME! A real person who cares about YOU and your vacation! I am going to ensure you get the BEST experience! With my trusted suppliers you know you will not end up in the basement closet (unless that is where you would like to sleep).


  • I CAN save YOU time and effort.  If you have ever tried to book your vacation you know how many hours can slip by just trying to sift through the information online.  It can be overwhelming even for the most experienced travellers! Let me do it with you or for you, your choice!

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But I see you charge fees. Why should I pay you a fee when I can book online for free?

You can cut your hair and do your taxes and perk your coffee, but a professional can do it better.  You can plan your vacation too, but a professional can do it better.


Why trust an online booking engine with the travel dreams you have worked so hard to earn!?  One small mistake and your dream vacation can turn into a nightmare.  Especially in a world where travel restrictions, entry requirements, and insurance policies can change daily – leave it to me to keep track of it all!


When you book with Yaycations, I focus on building a long-term relationship with my clients that will lead to better recommendations and more customized service.   


But hey, I understand some travellers love spending hours upon hours sorting through the plethora of information online (I’ve been there!), so working with a travel agent may not be for you!


But if you think we are a good fit I would love to hear about your amazing vacation dreams, whether it be an expedition to Antarctica, a safari to Africa or a biking tour through France. 

Ready to get started?

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