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February 25th - March 4th, 2023


Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.  It boasts nearly half a million species inhabiting its lush tropical forests. 

This exceptional natural environment offers the visitors many opportunities for unique exploration, including kayaking through the fascinating mangrove forests, getting a birds' eyes view on a canopy forest tour, or simply enjoy8ing unspoiled beaches to bask in the sun. 

Image by Eelco Böhtlingk

These are not cruise ships in the ordinary sense. 

You are free to do as you wish - fill your day with activities or relax and do nothing at all.

The Ships

All ships will sail wherever possible, although they can use engine power if there is not enough wind, allowing them to keep to their sailing schedules.

Passengers are welcome to help the crew raise the sails if they want to, but there is no obligation to join in.

Beyond Ordinary

On Star Clippers you will find that there are no rigid schedule, and you won’t be overwhelmed by the sense that there’s not enough time. Up on deck, watch the sun drop slowly into the deep blue ocean, as seagulls circle the darkening sky. In the tropical bar, the bartender mixes a shaker full of delicious drinks, as guests happily chat about their day ashore. Is there anything more peaceful than this?


Adventurous sorts will love climbing the mast to the crow’s nest or relaxing on the bowsprit netting with the open sea beneath. Guests love the laid-back, casual ambience of Star Clippers.

Itinerary Summary:

July 14 - 22nd, 2023


Day 1 PUNTARENAS, COSTA RICA: Puntarenas is a cruise port that is also a gateway to Costa Rica's Pacific Coast. Visit the Paseo de Los Turistas promenade near the beach with its many bars and restaurants.
Day 2 QUEPOS, COSTA RICA: The small busy town of Quepos serves as the gateway to the Manuel Antonio National Park. Although the rapid rise in ecotourism has meant that Quepos has been descended upon it, has largely retained it's authentic feel. There is a good restaurant scene, the streets are easy to navigate and the locals are friendly.
Day 3 GOLFITO, COSTA RICA: Golfito is Costa Rica's most southern port town. It was built on bananas – the United Fruit Company moved its regional headquarters here in the '30s and remained until it's departure in the 1980s. Today it acts as a gateway to visitors who wish to surf at Pavones or take part in sport-fishing. There are plenty of other activities on offer including horseback riding, kayaking and trips to nearby mangrove forests.
Day 4 COIBA ISLAND, PANAMA: Coiba Island lies 30 miles off of the south coast of Panama.It is the largest of the 38 islands that make up the Coiba National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has 1,450 plant species and its rainforests are home to hundreds of different animals. The surrounding waters support the eastern Pacific's second-largest coral reef, which makes scuba diving particularly rewarding. You can spot whale and tiger sharks, manta and eagle rays and large schools of fish. The island also has a fascinating history as it was once a penal colony and was largely isolated for the past century.
Day 5 MARINE PARK GOLFO DE CHIRIQUI - PARIDA ISLAND, PANAMA: Golfo de Chiriquí is home to a national marine park with an area of just over 147 sq km, protecting 25 islands and 19 coral reefs which host abundant wildlife. It's home to howler monkeys, several types of nesting sea turtles and 280 recorded bird species. You can snorkel, surf or kayak in the calm waters or take a big game fishing trip.
Day 6 AT SEA: Each Star Clippers ship offers a traditional and elegant way to see the world. Feel the wind fill the sails and gently carry you from one gorgeous destination to the next. During your time on board, you can choose to relax on a sun lounger or cool off in one of the pools on the top deck, while more adventurous passengers may enjoy the opportunity to climb the rigging or even have a go at steering the ship. Alternatively, you can wander the interior areas of the ship and discover relaxing lounges, a revitalising spa (Royal Clipper only) and a peaceful library.
Day 7 ISLAS TORTUGAS, COSTA RICA: Isla Tortuga is widely regarded as the most beautiful island in Costa Rica. With giant coconut palms framing powder soft whitte sand beaches that are lapped by crystal clear turquoise waters, this really is a tropical paradise. You can also play beach volleyball, rent a kayak, swim, or even get a ride of a glass-bottom boat. However if you are feeling adventuous you can ride the zip line as part of a canopy tour.

Sailing Pricing
Owners Suite - $3809 per person
Category 1 - $2815 per person
Category 2 - $2484 per person
Category 3 - $2364 per person
Category 4 - $2254 per person
Category 5 - $2070 per person
Category 6 - $1757 per person

*Port charges of $270 per person not  included

8% Yaycations exclusive discount!


  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on board daily 

  • Entertainment/parties 

  • Watersport

The pricing listed is valid until July 1, 2022 (based on availability). Booking and deposit must be made prior to this date.    
Payment Schedule 
Non-refundable deposit: $500 pp
Non-refundable final payment due: November 27th, 2022

Not Included:

  • International airfare

  • Items of a personal nature

  • Travel Insurance

  • Tours or meals not mentioned in the itinerary

  • Gratuities

Ready to get started?

Image by Léonard Cotte
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