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Discover The Most Popular Viking River Cruises of 2023 and 2024

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Viking River Cruises 2023 and 2024
Viking River Cruises 2023 and 2024

Viking River Cruises is one of the world's leading river cruise lines, offering a variety of itineraries in Europe, Asia, and Egypt. Viking has become the most extensive river cruise line in the world, with over 60 ships sailing on rivers across the globe.

With its fleet of modern ships and experienced crew members, Viking provides an unforgettable experience for travellers looking to explore some of Europe's most beautiful rivers and cities. This article will examine some of the best Viking River Cruises available in 2023 and 2024.

Viking River Cruises Overview

Viking has been providing luxury river cruises since 1997 and has grown to become one of the world's most popular river cruise lines.

Its fleet consists of modern vessels designed to provide guests with an intimate experience while exploring some of Europe's most iconic waterways, including the Danube, Rhone, and Douro Rivers. Viking longships offer an upscale experience with luxurious accommodations and amenities.

On board a Viking ship, guests can expect comfortable accommodations, delicious cuisine, knowledgeable guides who can provide insight into local culture and history, and plenty of relaxation opportunities.

Popular Viking River Cruises Of 2023 And 2024

Viking cruises offer a variety of itineraries, ranging from short city stays to longer adventures. Here are some of the very best Viking river cruises of 2023 and 2024.

1. Romantic Danube River Cruise

Experience an incredible journey of romance and adventure along the majestic Danube River with one of Viking's most memorable river cruises! This spectacular 8-day tour will take you through Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Slovakia's stunning scenery, charming villages, and iconic attractions.

Begin your journey in Budapest – known for its captivating architecture, fascinating culture, and delicious food. As you cruise through some of Europe’s most famous landmarks, including Vienna’s Belvedere Castle and Bratislava’s Old Town, witness breathtaking natural beauty at every turn.

Take advantage of the opportunity to visit Wachau Valley and experience a guided excursion at Melk Abbey. Make stops to explore quaint riverside towns, including Linz & Passau, where you'll find plenty of little treasures like churches, museums, and cafes! Explore local charm all while being part of an unforgettable experience on a river cruise 2023 that's full of wonders!

2. Grand European Tour

Start your next river cruise in Amsterdam
Start your next river cruise in Amsterdam

With its incredible Grand European Tour, it is clear why Viking River Cruises is one of the top river cruise companies in Europe. On this glorious trip, you will spend 15 days touring six countries as you travel from Amsterdam to Budapest along the Rhine, Main, and Danube Rivers.

Enjoy picturesque views as you venture through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. Experience small-town charm when you visit Koblenz, Würzburg, and Vienna, and be swept away by the big city sights in Passau, Bratislava, and Budapest. Pamper yourself with included onboard meals featuring traditional local cuisine complemented by fine wines and an entertainment program that fits into your detailed itinerary.

Don't miss this truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience to river cruise Europe 2023.

3. Rhone Valley Cruise (Lyon & Provence)

Embark on an 8-day Rhône Valley Cruise, and take in the wonders of Europe across lands of fine wine, unique cuisine, and artistry. Visit Les Arènes amphitheatre and the Pont du Gard, two great examples of Roman Provence. Explore the Palace of the Popes in Avignon and Lyon, the capital of French gastronomy.

Indulge in the flavours of Beaujolais wines, hunt for truffles with local experts, and witness how chèvre cheese is crafted. In Arles, join a painting class to experience the influences that inspired artists like Cézanne and Chagall. From immersive culture to sublime food and wine, this cruise captures all the beauty of southern France. If you're wondering which European river cruises are best, this one is definitely worth considering.

4. Duoro River Crise

Experience an incredible journey filled with wines and tales along the majestic Douro River on one of the best European river cruises for 2023. Viking's unforgettable cruise will take you on a gorgeous 8-day tour through Portugal and Spain’s stunning scenery, charming villages, and iconic attractions.

Start your adventure at Porto, a city known for its exquisite wine cellars and delicious local cuisine. As you cruise along the Douro River, you'll pass by idyllic towns such as Regua, Vila Real, and Peso da Régua—all offering unique experiences such as vineyard visits, traditional markets, and boat rides.

Stop by Salamanca for some sightseeing, including the famous university and cathedral, as well as other monuments full of history and culture. Finally, explore Porto again with a guided walking tour to iconic locations such as the World Heritage Site in Ribeira. Discover an unforgettable experience on a river cruise Europe 2023.

5. Christmas Along the Elbe

Embark on a journey along the Elbe River with this exciting cruise, and experience the beauty of Europe during the holiday season. This 8-day tour begins in Berlin, Germany, where you'll have time to explore the city’s iconic sights and vibrant culture.

From there, you'll cruise down the romantic Elbe River through towns like Magdeburg, Wittenberg, and Dresden. On this fascinating voyage, you can enjoy unforgettable Christmas celebrations with local festivities that will fill your heart with joy.

Along the way, visit unique attractions such as the Meissen porcelain factory and discover extraordinary treasures that make this region so special. In the evening, relax in your comfortable cabin after savouring a delicious meal crafted by expert chefs.

When you arrive in Prague—the final stop of your trip—you will marvel at its magical charm, especially when the city is adorned with its captivating Christmas decor. Make this holiday season unforgettable with a European river cruise in 2023!

Parting Thoughts

This is just a tiny sampling of the many impressive river cruises through Europe that Viking offers. With incredible service, stunning destinations, and value-driven packages, it's not hard to understand why Viking is the preferred choice for many Canadian travellers.

If you have questions, or can't wait to book your adventure, contact us today and start planning the trip of a lifetime!

Want some help deciding if Viking River Cruises is the way to go? Read this article: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best River Cruise for Canadians - Is Viking the Answer?

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