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Discover the Wonders of a River Cruise on the Danube

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Explore Europe like never before with a mesmerizing river cruise on the Danube! From castles to vineyards, monuments and more - let yourself be enchanted by its wonders.
Discover the Wonders of a River Cruise on the Danube

Experience one of the most remarkable and memorable ways of exploring Europe - a river cruise on the Danube! Experience majestic castles, scenic riverscapes, unique vineyards, beautiful monuments, and so much more as you cruise along Europe’s second-longest river.

A Danube River Cruise is an unforgettable way to experience the beauty of Europe. From its source in Germany to its delta in Romania, the river winds through 10 countries, with some of the most incredible cities and landscapes dotted along it. Travelling by river cruise is a unique and luxurious way to discover these places, with comfortable staterooms offering stunning views as you move through each destination. You’ll also get plenty of chances to disembark and explore exciting cities, quaint towns and spectacular landmarks – all from the deck of your floating home!

Taste Delicious Local Cuisine and Wines in Spectacular Locations.

A river cruise on the Danube is the perfect opportunity to explore and enjoy delicious local cuisine and wines. Mingle with locals, purchase fresh produce at traditional markets, or kick back and relax while enjoying dinner by the shore. Along your journey, you’ll be able to taste world-renown wines in some of the most spectacular and romantic locations in Europe.

Enjoy a Relaxing Cruise, While Taking in Natural Beauty and Rich Heritage Sites.

Discover the wonders of a river cruise on the Danube as you sail through landscapes that consist of elegant cities, crystal-clear lakes, and rolling hills. Visit some of the world's most iconic landmarks such as the Belvedere Palace in Vienna, Hungary’s Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest, or one of Croatia’s many walled cities. Enjoy an evening recreation or shore excursion at each unforgettable destination.

With your river cruise on the Danube, take time to explore Roman ruins and immerse yourself in medieval times. Admire the winding tributaries of the river as they flow through Germany's vineyards, dairy farms, and horse pastures, or let your heart be warmed by the jingling folk music that blankets Austria’s stunning alpine valley passes. A memorable way to discover all these sites is from the comfort of a modern Viking River Cruise ship. Relax in luxurious suites with fine dining choices and private balconies - what could be more picturesque than enjoying a river sunset while sitting on your own personal balcony?

Explore Castlesline Hills, Monasteries, and Vineyards Along Both Sides of the River

As you make your way along the mighty Danube, you’ll enjoy luxurious sightseeing opportunities both day and night. Enjoy overnight stays at some of the quaintest villages throughout Bavaria and Austria, as well as awe-inspiring views of vineyards fitted onto castleline hills. Don't miss out on charming castles like Dürnstein Castle, or romantic monasteries such as Melk Abbey for a truly memorable river cruise experience.

A river cruise on the Danube offers scenic sights and great adventures. Travel along fields of sunflowers and poppy blossoms, stop in small towns to take in local cuisines such as schnitzel and strudel, or quench your thirst with traditional Bavarian beer — all found only along the banks of the Danube. From Austrian culture to German landscapes, this cruise is a must-experience for travelers seeking to explore Central Europe's charming cities, vibrant nightlife, breathtaking vistas and stories about centuries-old history.

Experience Rich Culture & Heritage.

A cruise along the Danube is a gateway to an exclusive cultural experience - witness serenely preserved rural life as you pass through quaint homes and traditional villages, explore majestic fortresses that still preserve centuries-old tales of intrigue, or enjoy intricate baroque architecture. Take a leisurely stroll through romantic gardens, soak in the local culture with signature Austrian music and cuisine, or visit world famous sites like Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace. No matter what your preference, embark on a journey of discovery with a river cruise along the Danube!

Sail through 4 distinct nations including Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. Discover bustling cities full of brilliant monuments, landscapes and culture in the form of art galleries, operas and castles. The cruises provide ample space for relaxation too - lounge by the pool with a good book or enjoy the views from your balcony as you journey along. Take day trips to explore divine wine regions or just keep pace with city life on-shore – there’s something for everyone on a river cruise along the Danube!

Choose the Right Cruise Operator.

Before embarking on a cruise, it is essential to do some research and find the right operator. Look for experienced companies that offer reliable and comfortable ships, guides who truly understand European history and culture, and curated excursions so you can make the most of your visit. Also consider special deals, discounts or packages offered by various operators for unique experiences tailored to your interests - whether it’s exploring the vineyards along the Danube River or visiting iconic historical attractions. Compare prices and offerings from several cruise operators before deciding on one that best suits your needs!

Consider what kind of adventure you are looking for, do you prefer an all-inclusive experience or one that allows you to explore certain destinations independently? Do you have any special preferences regarding the size and type of ship that will be taking your group along the Danube? Would you like a themed cruise such as a culinary tour, bird watching cruise, or focused on wine country? Think about all these factors before booking a particular operator. Once you have decided on the right operator, make sure to obtain sufficient information about the average weather conditions in order to be properly prepared for your river cruise on the Danube. Additionally, enquire about shore excursions and activities available during your voyage in order to ensure that you don’t miss out on any great opportunities.

Featured River Cruise: Grand European Tour with Viking River Cruises

Map of Viking River Cruise's Grand European Tour
Map of Viking River Cruise's Grand European Tour

Embark on a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest— an experience you won't ever forget! Enjoy the picturesque views of each destination along the way, as riverside villages and historic cities line each side of the Danube. See everything from gothic cathedrals to charming little fishing towns that you can explore with your local guide. As the sun sets, settle in for some refreshing drinks and delicious food on-board before making your next exciting stop.

A river cruise will transport you through the heart of the continent in breathtaking style. From the historic castles of Germany’s Rhine Valley to Austria's Wachau Valley, Indulge your senses with a 15-day voyage tracing the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers between Holland and Hungary, with captivating encounters at every turn. On board one of our top rated ships experience indulgent comfort as we take you to sample delicious local food & wine, and even have time to learn the Viennese waltz or relax in Budapest Café Gerbeaud!

Pricing for Viking River Cruise's Grand European Tour 2023
Pricing for Viking River Cruise's Grand European Tour 2023

Ready to discrover your perfect river cruise? Send us a messge to schedule a free consultation today.

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