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4 Reasons You Should Consider an Avalon Waterways River Cruise

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Are you looking for an unforgettable holiday experience? If so, consider a cruise with Avalon Waterways. These stunning journeys through Europe's waterways offer something for everyone. From amazing views to charming ports of call, you'll never be bored. And the fun doesn't stop there! Avalon sails to exotic destinations like the Amazon and Mekong!

And of course my favourite part: they offer active and discovery options! YAY! Who wouldn't love a day kayaking on a European river or hiking to a castle!?

Reason 1: Avalon Waterways visit the most amazing destinations

Avalon Waterways River Cruises visit some of the most amazing destinations in Europe, including the beautiful city of Amsterdam and the legendary landing spot of Paris. The riverside scenery is simply breathtaking, and there's never a dull moment aboard these luxurious riverboats. Whether you're looking to explore new cultures or simply take in stunning views, an Avalon Waterways River Cruise is a must-do experience.

In Europe and beyond:

List of the rivers of Europe:

  • The Rhine River

  • The Moselle River

  • The Seine River

  • The Danube River

  • The Main River

  • The Rhone River

List of Rivers around The World:

  • The Galapagos Islands

  • The Mekong River

  • The Amazon River

Looking for unforgettable experiences in Europe? Consider an Avalon Waterways river cruise and unlock four incredible advantages of this luxurious journey. Get ready to be amazed!
Rivers of Europe

Reason 2: The Best Views You'll Ever See

Avalon Waterways River Cruises offer some of the best views you'll ever see. From the beginning of the cruise until the end, you'll be able to see both sides of the river, as well as some amazing cities and villages along the way. Not to mention, you'll get plenty of chances to take amazing photos that will last a lifetime!

One and Only Open-Air Balconies

The experience of travelling will soon change for the better—Avalon has something special up its sleeve. The cruise line's Open-Air Balcony transforms ordinary cabins into luxurious suites with breathtaking views, blurring the line between outside and in and creating an inviting seating area that is both comfortable and spacious. Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows offer the best views!

Open Air Balconies on an Avalon Waterways river cruise
Open Air Balconies on an Avalon Waterways river cruise

Reason 3: Fun Activities and Attractions at Every Stop (and most excursions are included!)

One of the most exciting reasons to book a River Cruise with Avalon Waterways is that there are always fun activities and attractions at every stop! Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing afternoon by the river, take in some local history at a museum, or get active with a hike or paddle, there is something for everyone on our cruises. Plus, who doesn't love spending a day out on the water? YAY!

Onboard, you will select included excursions and onboard activity options based on your interest, so you can experience your cruise as you prefer. The 3 types of included excursions available on every Avalon Europe cruise are:

Classic: A local expert is ready to guide your clients through the history and heritage of local destinations and the "must-see" sites.

Discovery: Inspiring and interactive hands-on activities designed to speak to your interests - spend the day immersing yourself in the destination’s unique culture.

Active: Embark on energetic excursions keeping you in motion and on the go — from guided jogging tours, to biking, paddling, and hiking your way through scenic locales.

Active itineraries include biking tours of European cities.
Active itineraries include biking tours of European cities.

Reason 4: Excellent Service and Food That's Outstanding

Avalon Waterways River Cruises are among the best in the industry. The service is excellent and the food is outstanding. The chefs are creative and have a great sense of taste. The cuisine on each cruise is different, so there's always something new to enjoy.

Avalon cruises offer a variety of nutritious local delicacies and Western favourites at every meal, but they are raising the bar with Avalon Fresh. Created in conjunction with two rising culinary stars—the Wrenkh brothers—Avalon Fresh allows travellers to guiltlessly indulge in creative dishes that combine surprising flavors with a dash of innovation. With the philosophy of procuring the freshest ingredients from small farms and local producers, Avalon Fresh brings the passing landscape to your plate for an inspiring, fulfilling dining experience.

Join Yaycations on the Danube!

Want to test out an active and discovery itinerary with Avalon? Join us July 14th - 22nd for a river cruise from Bucharest to Zagreb.

Active and Discovery on the Lower Danube

Map of the Active and Discovery on the Lower Danube Cruise
Map of the Active and Discovery on the Lower Danube Cruise

Day 1 Bucharest: Welcome to Bucharest

Day 2 Bucharest–Oltenita (Embarkation): Choice of guided sightseeing in Bucharest or walk the Urban Delta or food tour; onboard welcome reception

  • Active: Take a guided nature walk in the Văcărești Nature Park. Also known as Urban Delta, this wetland is home to more than 150 different species of birds and small mammals. Enjoy this green getaway and learn more about this special green area located only 4km away from the centre of Romania’s capital, Bucharest.

  • Discovery: Discover the joie de vivre of Romanian cuisine -- a tasty hodge-podge of Balkan, Ottoman, French, and Russian influences, OR:

Day 3 Nikopol. Excursion to Veliko Târnovo and Arbanassi: Choice of full-day excursion, visit to Tsarevet’s Fortress in Veliko Târnovo and to the Ethnographical Museum and the Church of the Nativity in Arbanassi or hike the Kroushuna Waterfalls; onboard movie night

  • Active: Follow your expert local guide through the beautiful eco-patch up to Kroushuna Waterfalls

Day 4 Vidin. Excursion to Belogradchik: Choice of guided tour in Vidin, excursion to Belogradchik, see the rock formations or join a bike tour or wine tasting

  • Active: Enjoy a different way of exploring Vidin. Lead by your expert local guide cycle through the pretty roads of this lovely Bulgarian town and learn about its history.

  • Discovery: Get to learn everything about the production technologies of the Bulgarian wines and enjoy a tasting of the various labels produced by a local well-known winery. All accompanied by local snacks and symphonic music.

Day 5 Iron Gates–Donji Milanovac–Golubač: Scenic cruise through the Iron Gates Gorge; choice of visit Lepenski Vir archaeological site or Donji Milanovac off the beaten path tour or Djerdap National park hike; visit to Golubač fortress

  • Active: Enjoy this scenic hike through Djerdap National Park and stop along the way to taste some local specialties before returning to your Avalon ship

  • Discovery: Join a Guided Tour to Lepenski Vir—an important Mesolithic archaeological site chronicling prehistoric cultures, settlements, and art. Marvel at the ancient discoveries and artifacts, as well as the unique views the site affords of the Danube Gorge,

Day 6 Belgrade: Choice of guided tour or bike tour or food tour; onboard lecture

  • Active: Get a real taste of Serbia on this guided bike tour focusing on the history of Belgrade, from WWII to today

  • Discovery: Discover Serbia's culture through its food. Enjoy a walk into town while tasting different specialties of the region and learn more about its history and past

Day 7 Novi Sad–Ilok: Choice of Novi Sad guided tour or walk up to the Petrovaradin Fortress or wine tour; choice of Ilok guided tour or biking tour or beer tour

  • Active: Enjoy a guided hike tour to the Petrovaradin part of the town. Located on the right bank of the Danube, across from the main part of Novi Sad, this area will amaze you with its scenic views

  • Discovery: Get to learn more about the beekeeper profession on this guided tour of Novi Sad by stopping at the Honey Museum and by tasting local honey specialties

Day 8 Osijek (Disembarkation)–Zagreb: Guided sightseeing in Zagreb

Day 9 Zagreb: Your vacation ends this morning

Interested in this itinerary. Click here for dates and pricing.

With its awe-inspiring views, fun activities and excellent service, Avalon Waterways River Cruise is the perfect way to enjoy Europe.

Interested in a sailing adventure? Click here to learn about Star Clippers!

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