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Updated: Mar 18, 2023

How long is your travel life list? If it is like most, it is a mile long with destinations and experiences that span the globe. From visiting the US National Parks to cruising the Nile River, there is so much to see and do in this world! However, it can feel overwhelming when you start thinking about how you will see it all. This is why you need a long-term plan.

Having a long-term travel plan is the simplest way to organize your list and map out your future travels. When people put off their dream trip because they waited until the last minute to plan, they feel stressed. Suddenly, the idea of taking a trip somewhere familiar sounds better than going on the vacation they originally wanted. A year later, they feel frustrated because they still haven’t been to see the Vienna Christmas Markets, and the cycle begins again. Don’t get caught in this cycle. Don’t get caught without a plan. When you have a long-term travel plan, you will feel more confident and, most importantly, excited about your trips.

Budgets are usually one of the last things people want to talk about when planning a trip. We know talking about budgets can be a bit of a buzz-kill when it comes to travel planning, but it is essential. Putting a financial plan in place for your travels will help you in the long run. Rather than spending all of your money in one place, make your money go further, literally! Figure out how much you want to spend per vacation and ask yourself questions like: Am I willing to travel in the off-season? What type of experiences do I want to have? And how many trips do I want to take this year? Making a financial plan is crucial to helping you achieve your long-term travel goals.

You wouldn’t take a test without studying, so why would you go on a trip without planning? Creating a travel plan is the key to your travel success. Whether you take one big trip every year, three small trips, or a combination of both, knowing when, where and how you want to travel is the first step. From there, we can build out itineraries based on your budgets and take time to create unique and memorable experiences for each vacation.

Whether you are ready to start travelling now or want to begin mapping out your future trips, contact me today to create your travel plan or check out my travel planning page to learn more about creating a travel plan.

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