Because you only live once!

Are you the type of person who talks about travel ALL-THE-TIME? Is travelling a no-brainer in your life plans? Then Yaycations' long-term travel planning service and membership are for you!

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Perfect for frequent travellers and their families, a long-term travel plan will:

Allow you to experience

the joy of having your

travels mapped out for

3, 5 or even 10 years!

Give you a clear picture

of the financial costs of meeting

(and probably exceeding)

your travel dreams.

Allow you to experience

the success of having a plan.

A dream without a plan

is just a wish, right?

Yaycations will work with you to:


Complete an in-depth discovery process to learn your interests, passions, dreams and goals. You can do this on your own with your family or schedule a chat with me and we can do it together.


We will then create your unique profile and customized inspiration page. This is where

we will store all the travel experiences you want to have.


From there, you identify the trips you would like to check off first and we will move these trips

to your active travel timeline which will include important travel details. 

The result is a beautifully presented and very functional document guaranteed to make you say YAY!

With the long-term travel plan, Yaycations will always work with you to keep your inspiration library up to date. The plan is based on you and evolves with you as you experience the world.

Ready to get started?

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