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Creating the Ultimate Itinerary: A Vancouver Island Family RV Trip

Updated: Mar 18

We just finished an AMAZING family vacation on Vancouver Island. We rented a 27-foot motorhome from Canadreams and spent 2 weeks exploring the island and its many family-friendly activities. Join us on this adventure as we explore trails, beaches, wildlife and food on beautiful Vancouver Island!

Horne Lake Caves Review 2021

This not-to-miss activity is PERFECT for adventurous families looking to do something different while visiting Vancouver Island.

Horne Lake Cave Tours offers three levels of thrills on their spelunking adventures. We went on the Riverbend Cave Tour which is great for kids age 5 and up! Descend into a cave, scramble over rocks, see jaw-dropping calcite formations including the "ice cream waterfall", and experience total darkness! YAY! Along the way, you will learn a lot about the local geology including what makes a cave!

It is the perfect combination of adventure and education that will have the whole family screaming YAY! Do not miss your chance to visit the Horne Lake Caves while touring Vancouver Island. Watch my adventure and review today!

Malahat Skywalk Review 2021

Brand new in July 2021, you do not want to miss the Malahat Skywalk! This is the ultimate in family-friendly outdoor fun. Found 40 minutes north of Victoria and 1 hour from Nanaimo, the Malahat Skywalk is the perfect destination when travelling between the two cities.

Walk along a 600m long skywalk that gets you up close and personal with the tree canopy and the exotic-looking arbutus trees. Make sure you take the time to look for hidden creatures in the forest. The tower itself is 32m tall and sits an impressive 250m above sea level.

Enjoy the BEST views while looking for whales and other sea life (don't forget the binoculars!). And there is plenty of adventure to have for those seeking thrills. Test your nerve by walking out on the 84m2 adventure net that will have you looking down the middle of the tower OR skip the walk to the bottom and ride the 20m spiral slide! YAY!

Butchart Gardens Review 2021

There is a reason that Butchart Gardens is listed as a top attraction in Victoria, British Columbia and that reason is...THEY ARE SPECTACULAR!

I am not a gardener, nor do I really like cultivated flowers much, but I did really enjoy Butchart Gardens! This is a great family-friendly activity to do while visiting Victoria. You can spend a morning, afternoon or ALL day walking around the different gardens, checking out the statues, hidden figures in the forest, totems and of course the carousel! YAY! I 100% recommend a visit to Butchart Gardens if you are visiting Victoria!

Victoria Carriage Tour Review 2021

Are you looking for the BEST family-friendly way to tour Victoria, British Columbia? Then look no further than Victoria Carriage Tours! We hopped on the Royal Tour and visited the parliament buildings, Beacon Hill, saw the ocean and checked out historical houses. This was the perfect way to see the sights of Victoria with young children. Our littlest was even lulled to sleep by the clip-clop of hooves.

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