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8 Days - 1 Country

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Enjoy Paris & Norman treasures
Dock in the heart of Paris, admiring views of the Eiffel Tower and a replica of the Statue of Liberty from your ship. Experience history firsthand at the Normandy beaches and delight in Rouen’s Gothic architecture. Explore Giverny and the charming house and gardens where Claude Monet lived and worked, the setting inspiring many of his masterpieces. This voyage celebrates history, art, food and customs in France’s most alluring urban and pastoral settings.

Day 1 Paris, France

Paris’s cultural and historic significance is evident in its many noted landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Arc de Triomphe.

Day 2 Paris, France

Long a hub of French culture, cuisine and architectural splendour, Paris is one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Day 3 La Roche-Guyon & Vernon, France

Vernon's cobblestone streets are reminiscent of the Middle Ages, and some of the half-timbered houses feature magnificent wooden carvings.

Day 4 Rouen, France

Founded by the Romans, Rouen is situated amidst the chalk cliffs along the Seine and filled with half-timbered houses and exquisite Gothic architecture.

Day 5 Normandy's Beaches

Normandy’s legendary D-Day Beaches bear witness to the heroism of the troops who landed here in World War II.

Day 6 Les Andelys, France

Set along the Seine, this small town is best known for the imposing Château Gaillard overlooking the village.

Day 7 Le Pecq & Paris, France

A gateway to Paris, Le Pecq is a lovely waterfront town of cobblestone streets and charming architecture.

Day 8 Paris, France

The “City of Light,” timeless Paris has inspired artists and writers for centuries.

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Pre & Post Cruise Extensions

More days means more to discover, with extension packages you can add before or after your Viking cruise or cruisetour. Enjoy additional days to explore your embarkation or disembarkation city, or see a new destination altogether with a choice of exciting cities.
Pre & Post Cruise Extensions vary by itinerary and are subject to change.

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